Funding available for activities that support just transitions beyond oil and gas

Through the BOGA Fund, the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) is
supporting Global South governments that are exploring alternative development
pathways beyond oil and gas. BOGA is providing flexible, fast support for initial scoping projects, with the potential for follow-on funding to scale successful interventions.


BOGA is an alliance of ‘first-mover’ governments and stakeholders that are working together to facilitate the managed phase-out of oil and gas production. BOGA aims to elevate the issue of oil and gas production in international dialogues, mobilize commitments and action, and create an international community of practice.

This movement rests upon the assumption that oil and gas producers have the capacities required to make informed decisions on the future of their oil and gas production, and can make credible commitments to a managed, just phase out in line with the Paris Agreement. In practice, Global South countries face significant capacity gaps and there is limited international assistance to support the phase out of oil and gas.

About the fund

Promoting a just transition beyond oil and gas is central to BOGA’s mission. This includes delivering on commitments to phase out at home, and supporting Global South countries and regions that want to explore their options, and start planning and working towards a managed, just transition away from oil and gas. The fund was announced at COP27, with the aim of providing rapid, flexible support for such work.

With an initial US $10 million through 2023-2025, the fund focuses on supporting governments in developing their vision of a ‘beyond’ oil and gas economy, and the analysis, plans, policies, and technical assistance required to define and deliver this. As such, the fund is intended to act as a catalyst, informing requests for larger-scale transition support, and supporting structural, long-term transitions away from oil and gas.

At COP28 Colombia and Kenya were announced as the first recipients of the BOGA Fund. The Fund will support both governments through analytical groundwork, stakeholder consultation, planning and policy development and provide access to finance for technical assistance.

How to apply

Global South national and sub-national governments that have oil and gas exploration and production, or the potential for it, are eligible to apply. The fund cannot provide direct finance to governments but will work through government-adjacent organisations upon request and in close coordination with the relevant government. 

Requests should be initiated by governments and developed and delivered through government-adjacent partners. While engagement with BOGA is encouraged, membership is not required to access the fund. 

The first Call for EOIs closed on 31 June 2023.

Please contact for further information.